Focusfreda debuts again Anaheim Natural Products Expo West

Focusfreda debuts again Anaheim Natural Products Expo West


America Anaheim Natural Products Expo West is the world famous natural health products exhibition,It is also a world-renowned brand exhibition,
The exhibition has been canceled for two consecutive years since the COVID-19 pandemic swept the world in 2020。From March 10, 2022 to March 12, 2022, Focusfreda will go abroad again after two years and make a flash appearance at the Natural Products EXPO, which improves the quality and growth of the global business development of Focusfreda.


As a world-renowned sodium hyaluronate manufacturer and one of the first state-level specialized and special new small giant enterprises in China to obtain the food production qualification and enter the “oral track”,

Focusfreda always adheres to the mission of“for younger life,for longer life” and the value concept of customer first, innovating product design, improving product categories, keeping up with the development trends and trends of the industry in China and even the world, so that more consumers can use The best products to achieve young, healthy and long life goals.

In this exhibition, Focusfreda exhibited food grade sodium hyaluronate, Tremella polysaccharide, OEM, etc. The intuitive sample display attracted customers from the health care product industry to stop and negotiate. At the same time, Focusfreda’s good industry reputation and professional Production research and development, complete qualification certification, and rich product types are fully recognized.


In recent years, the “big health” industry has developed rapidly worldwide. Freda as the founder and leader of Sodium Hyaluronate industry in China.It has been deeply involved in the Sodium Hyaluronate industry for 30 years. It has leading technology and a complete industrial chain in the field of medicine and cosmetics. It is committed to building a socially trusted and internationally renowned pharmaceutical and health industry group. Focusfreda will also rely on the group’s strong scientific research platform. , in-depth insight into consumer needs, launch more healthy products that consumers expect, so that people can enjoy a healthy life more easily and conveniently!


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