Procurement Office

18-Procurement Office

As a procurement office, with nearly 20 years of professional knowledge and experience in raw material transactions, we are committed to carefully purchasing local raw materials that meet customer requirements and providing quality services to customers from various countries.

Customized Service

19-Customized Service

Operating within our trade office in China, the role of Customized Service involves utilizing our in-depth understanding of the Chinese market. We offer a wide range of tailored information solutions to overseas clients, aiming to accelerate the setup and expansion of their business endeavors in China.

Exclusive Agency

20-Exclusive Agency

Backed by our robust state-owned enterprise background and nationwide distribution network, we excel as the optimal sales agent for foreign companies, ensuring efficient and continuous product promotion.



We make diverse dietary supplements for global customers, such as capsules, softgels, tablets, powder, liquid, and granules. Our all-inclusive service offers expert formulation, custom dosages, unique packaging, and quick responses. With strict quality control, we empower you to ensure your product quality.


Looking for the best ingredients to level up your health and beauty formulas? Leave your contact below and tell us your needs. Our experienced team will promptly provide customized sourcing solutions.