At FIC2024, Focusfreda Leads a New Chapter in Oral Beauty, and Treme-max® Becomes the Focus

At FIC2024, Focusfreda Leads a New Chapter in Oral Beauty, and Treme-max® Becomes the Focus


From March 20 to 22, 2024, the highly anticipated 27th Food Ingredients China Exhibition (FIC2024) concluded successfully at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. As a leader in the industry, Focusfreda brought a variety of food-grade raw material products to the exhibition, among which the newly developed food-grade Tremella polysaccharide raw material became the focus of the audience. Focusfreda promotes the company’s sustainable development process with a development concept derived from nature, setting a new benchmark for the industry.


At the exhibition site, Focusfreda‘ s exhibition area was crowded, with many visitors stopping to visit and showing strong interest in Tremella polysaccharide raw materials. This raw material is carefully extracted from high-quality Tremella fuciformis by Focusfreda relying on its strong research and development capabilities and using advanced extraction technology. It not only has excellent moisturizing, antioxidant and anti-aging effects, but also effectively improves skin condition and enhances skin vitality.


In order to ensure safe, reliable and more nutritious Tremella fuciformis, Focusfreda built its own Tremella fuciformis cultivation base. Strictly control the extraction source from the source to ensure that every tremella meets high quality standards. At the same time, the company also innovatively added 18 other plant proteins and hyaluronic acid during the cultivation process of Tremella fuciformis to further enhance the nutritional value and health care functions of Tremella fuciformis.


This innovative move not only demonstrates Focusfreda’s strict control of product quality and safety, but also reflects the company’s high emphasis on sustainable development. By building its own planting base, the company has achieved full control from source to product, ensuring the purity and quality of raw materials. At the same time, this also laid a solid foundation for the company’s future product research and development and market expansion.


In addition, Focusfreda also demonstrated its intensive efforts in the research and development of sodium hyaluronate. As an important participant in the global sodium hyaluronate trading market, the company continues to promote technological innovation and product upgrades to provide global consumers with high-quality, safe and reliable sodium hyaluronate products.


At this exhibition, Focusfreda not only demonstrated its strong product research and development strength and market competitiveness, but also conveyed to the outside world the company’s philosophy of adhering to sustainable development and focusing on product quality and safety. In the future, Focusfreda will continue to adhere to this concept and continuously launch more innovative, safe and efficient food-grade raw material products to bring more health and beauty to consumers around the world.


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