OEM High Quality The Truth Of Hyaluronic Acid Quotes –  Treme-HA® Hyaluronic acid from Natural plant products – Focusfreda
OEM High Quality The Truth Of Hyaluronic Acid Quotes –  Treme-HA® Hyaluronic acid from Natural plant products – Focusfreda Featured Image

OEM High Quality The Truth Of Hyaluronic Acid Quotes – Treme-HA® Hyaluronic acid from Natural plant products – Focusfreda

Short Description:

Product Introduction

Treme-HA® is a new type of plant derived high efficiency humectant extracted from

Tremella, it has good antioxidation and moisturizing propertie. It is a kind of water

soluble polymer, the average molecular weight is over one million Da, and the molecular structure backbone is Mannan made up by alpha (1-3)-glycosidic bond composition,and the branched chain by glucuronic acid. xylose and fucose etc., the active part  is common structural part of alpha (1-3) -mannan

The product characteristics is as below

Efficient moisturizing

Antioxidation and anti-aging

Improve the skin feeling

Product specifications

Product name

Treme-HA®Cosmetic grade Tremella Fuciformis Polysaccharide

Product description

White or almost white powder or granule

Product Benefits

Highly effective moisturizing: It can significantly enhance the hydration ability of skin cells and increase the water content of the stratum corneum of the skin;

Antioxidant aging: has the ability to scavenge free radicals, increase muscle cell vitality, delay skin aging, repair skin;

Improves skin feel: Treme-HA has good skin-friendly properties and high viscosity. After use, the skin

moisturizes and does not feel tight and smooth.

Product specification


Slight characteristic odor or odorless

Molish Reaction

Amaranth or peachblow

Assay of glucuronic acid


Assay of total saccharide


pH ( 0.5% aq. sol., 25℃)


Transmittance (0.1% aq. sol., 25℃)


Loss on drying


Residue on Ignition


Molecular weight

Measured value

Dynamic viscosity(0.5%aq.sol.,25℃,2/6rpm)

Measured value



Heavy metal (as Pb)

≤20 mg/kg

Bacteria counts

≤200 CFU/g

Molds & Yeasts

≤100 CFU/g

Staphylococcus aureus


Pseudomonas aeruginosa


Storage Conditions

The product should be sealed and stored in a cool and dark place.


According to customer requirements

Shelf life

24 months(unopened packaging)

Efficient moisturizing

Treme-HA® can significantly enhance the hydratability  of the skin cell,  increase the moisture content of skin; can form a layer of moisturizing  protective film to  reduce the moisture loss on the surface of the skin, with dual effect of water retention and water holding.

Antioxidation and anti-aging

With the certain ability of scavenging superoxide radical and hydroxyl radical, it can prevent skin from aging by inhibiting peroxidation of the cytolipin,and promote skin regeneration by increasing the vitality of the skin cells. So Treme-HA® can help human to delay the skin aging and repaire  damaged skin.

Improve the skin feeling

Treme-HA® is a kind of high molecular polymer, whith  good skin affinity and high viscosity. Lubricating effect is obvious after using the skin care products with Treme-HA® added in, and the skin is feels moist and smooth ,with no dry and tighr feeling.

Instructions for use

Recommended usage: 0.01%-0.5%

Usage: Soluble in water, can be directly added into the aqueous phase.

Applications:especially for essence,mask, cream, lotion, toner and other cosmetics.


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